Truncated Domes

Truncated domes are a standard design requirement under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 for detectable warnings (ADA 4.29, 4.29.2). Detectable warnings enable pedestrians with visual impairments to detect the threshold between a walkway and a busy roadway. Truncated domes are designed so they can be detected underfoot and by the sound of a walking cane. Truncated domes are found in a multitude of applications such as curb ramps, vehicular ways, parking ways, stairwells, reflecting pools, pedestrian crossings, escalator approaches and on transit platforms.

alerttile® was designed to exceed the ADA standards for detectable warnings and surpasses the strict requirements of federal, state and municipal authorities. alerttile® is made from reinforced thermoset composites and is engineered for superior impact-resistance, slip-resistance, wear-resistance and long term durability.

Truncated Dome Cross Section